AVCS gave me one of the most precious gifts—the gift of being in awe of God and craving a deep relationship with Him. For that, I’m eternally grateful. It takes a very special staff and a whole lot of patience to pour into students as whole people, not merely looking for passing grades and competitive GPAs but cultivating character growth and the skills to handle life’s deepest challenges.
Lisa Bush Scroggins, 2007 alumnus

A vast majority of my life growing was spent at AVC. This is the place where I found my passion for singing, where I learned to think for myself, where I learned to find God in every day decision making, and where I grew into an independent, capable idea maverick. Even in trials and when the helm steered in the wrong direction, the people here have fought tooth and nail to keep Christ at the center and love these students in a way that makes them better people. This school has always been the Little Christian School that could and for the sake of the next generations of excellent thinkers, it’s the least we could do to give back.
Kylie Foster, 2012 alumnus

Having attended AVCS from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade, I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else. The education itself was very unique and has only become more so over time. The countless hours the faculty and staff have poured out into this school and its students over the years is nothing short of astounding. I highly encourage everyone to consider giving some amount to help out!
Joel Watson, 2001 alumnus

Fifteen years ago, I graduated from AVCS. I remember my first day of college after going to AVCS from pre-school to 12th grade wondering what the world had in store for me. Like many of you, I found the world to be a tough place to be a Christian, and even harder to be a Christian Leader! Almost immediately, I found my faith being challenged by my new classmates, professors and bosses. Like a soldier leaving boot camp and dropping into the battlefield, I had to quickly turn to my training. Life is tough, but I am overwhelmingly thankful for the sacrifices that my teachers, parents, and many others made for me to have the chance to receive a strong Christian education.

Now I’m fifteen years older. I’ve spent an equal measure of time away from AVCS, as an adult, employee, husband and father. It’s incredible how time flies! But as I reflect on the past fifteen years, I see continually how God used the ministry of AVCS to impact my life and helped me in my walk with the Lord. I’m sure many of you would say the same looking back at your life since AVCS and are thankful for the role that your teachers played in your life.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate more actively with the school over the last few months and I see now more than ever how much the staff love their students and how much they sacrifice to demonstrate that love. I have never seen such a humble, devoted and selfless group of gifted people that could work most anywhere making significantly more money. However, the staff of AVCS, past and present, felt called to make an impact in the lives of many of us, and they answered that call.
Steven Bush, 2002 alumnus

I truly believe there are few schools that provide the kind of education that students receive at AVC. As a student at AVC my classes, teachers, and classmates challenged me to become a whole person who thinks deeply, loves faithfully, and prays diligently. Not only was I prepared academically for college and grad school, but I was also equipped for leadership opportunities and ministry. I’m still being transformed by the truth I first learned at AVC as I am committed to seeking excellence in my marriage, parenting, and career.  I credit my time at AVC, both as a student and teacher, for showing me that quality education is much more than just knowledge, good grades, or standardized tests. True education, like at AVC, transforms students minds, hearts, and souls to make a significant impact on the world as a Christian leader.
Kirstin (McLaughlin) Vlodica ’02 

AVCS is not like most schools. Most schools focus solely on facts; AVCS gives students a logical framework for piecing them together. Most schools require teachers to use politically correct language to further the government’s agendas; AVCS encourages teachers and students to honestly interpret the world, following the evidence wherever it leads. Most schools provide safe but sterile learning environments; AVCS cultivates real growth, even when things get messy. Our next generation needs educational institutions focused on truth, virtue, and God, and AVCS offers just that. Welcome to Apple Valley Christian School.
Joe Barbour ’12 
Many schools lack the courage to teach the truth openly. Apple Valley Christian School has centered itself on truth and honesty, so that students may be confident and equipped to excel in all areas of life. This authenticity allows AVCS to operate as a family, with mutual trust between staff and students, opportunities to put head knowledge into action, and an open compassion for the children and families of the surrounding community. AVCS raised me to be a student of integrity and a person of love. Without the work of AVCS and all members involved, many students would receive a lackluster education, but under this Christian school students are shaped and encouraged to pursue truth and live accordingly.
Grace Goodman ’11 
Not only did AVC teach me how to grow spiritually but also academically. I was challenged to think each day. I would sometimes feel overwhelmed with my course load but I knew that it was because they expected a lot from me. They taught me to expect excellence from myself in everything that I do. I was taught by teachers who worked for far less money than they were worth but chose to teach at AVC because it meant something to them. Because of the work ethic, study skills and love of wisdom that they fostered in me, I was able to receive a scholarship from and eventually attend the number one journalism school in the nation. I want better than average for myself and I owe that to the rigorous atmosphere that AVC provided me. They helped to develop the mental fortitude of a warrior.
Ashton Buccola ’10 
I value every second of my education at AVCS. I don’t think I would be nearly who I am today if God hadn’t used teachers like Jon Watson and Rocky Lockwood (and so many others) to instill in me a deep love of people, context, history, and literature. It’s the amazing, godly teachers at AVC who were used by our Maker to spur on a renewing of our minds. Let’s trust God to continue educating Christian leaders who are committed to giving Him what he requires: Excellence. And AVC – in whatever location and form – is a great place for that to happen.
Joel G. Goodman ’02 
AVCS is home and has a special place in all of our hearts – we will do everything in our power to keep it going so it can continue to educate Christian leaders committed to excellence!
Jimmy Mettias ’99 
Ever since 3rd grade I’ve been amazed by this school, how God takes care of every little thing, how deeply involved our teachers were in our lives, and ultimately how they displayed Christ in every situation. I wouldn’t trade any of my education that Mr. Lockwood, Mr. Watson, Miss Evans, Mrs. Patag, Mr. and Mrs. Huff, Pastor John and many others provided. I gained so much knowledge about every subject in life, and how to glorify Christ in every area of it. Currently attending Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering, AVC helped me to excel here, and glorify God at the same time.
Michael Medina ’10 
There is no school like AVC that teaches you to think and learn and discuss the way they do. There are few teachers like Mr. Watson, Ms. Evans, Mrs. Huff, Mr. Huff, Mrs. Patag, and Mr. Lockwood, as devoted and loving and encouraging for you to becoming your own thinking individual. There are few, if any, pastors in my life that I have admired and respected as much as John Richart.
Aihelya Decker ’09 
AVC meant so much to me. The lessons that I learned there have made me a better person and are a daily encourager to stay strong and to hold tight to the Truth.
Logan Brinkley ’10 
AVCS played a huge role in molding me and helping me to see God’s calling in my life. The biggest for me was the unique exposure to missions and even encouraging me to pursue my love for video production. To this day, I am still active in doing both and somehow feeding my family doing it.
Jeremy Gant ’97