The Potter’s Hand – Homeschool Program


We are so glad that you have chosen to be a part of The Potter’s Hand, a private school satellite program (PSP)  offered by Apple Valley Christian Academy.

The decision to homeschool our children is not always an easy one and, in some cases, can be met with resistance from the world around us, including our own children. The Potter’s Hand exists for families who seek fellowship, community, and sharing with others. We exist to support and encourage each other to fulfill the Lord’s calling in our lives to home educate our children.

We believes that God has given each family the exact children that we were intended to have; it was no accident or luck of the draw. Therefore, God will equip us to raise, teach, mold, and shape our children into the men and women that they were created to be. Like a potter who uses strong hands to create boundaries and then gently molds and shapes his clay, we also have the privilege to mold and shape our children. It is a blessing to watch as God creates a beautiful masterpiece out of the clay (Jeremiah 18:1-7).

As a group, The Potter’s Hand is united in a common vision of taking responsibility of educating our children in the home. We do this as a group, following the biblical mandate that parents are responsible for their child’s education as well as the quality and content (Deuteronomy 6:6-9), Ephesians 6:4). Our common goal is to raise our children in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and that will have the most impact on our society.

The Potter’s Hand information manual (provided below) has been put together in an attempt to answer the majority of questions that you may have about our school.  In this manual, you will find information regarding our mission as a PSP, enrollment, policies and procedures, and other useful items. If, after reading through this manual, you still have questions, please feel free to contact me.

In His service,

Daphne Bartz
Homeschool Coordinator

The Potter’s Hand Information Manual

Potter’s Hand Enrollment Application 

If you need an accessibility copy of these documents please call 760.813.3232 or email us at

New Homeschool Students, 2023-2024

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is now open!

To begin the application process, you may open the following link to download and print the enrollment application, or you may contact the Homeschool Coordinator, who will provide you with an application to complete.

Once your student’s application is submitted, you will be contacted by the Homeschool Coordinator to arrange an interview.

Your enrollment fees will be collected by the Homeschool Coordinator at the time of enrollment.


$100.00 per family – new students
$50.00 per family – returning students

If you would like to enroll your child(ren) in the current 2022-2023 school year, or if you would like to receive more information about AVC, please contact Daphne Bartz through our school office for more information or to schedule a tour of our campus: 760.813.3232