AVC Academy Faculty

AVC has an outstanding faculty with years of experience, both in education and fields outside the classroom.  All of our faculty are required by ACSI and WASC accreditation to have college degrees and ACSI Educator Certificates. At Apple Valley Christian Academy, our desire is to develop and nurture a professional, disciplined, and faithful staff that is diligent in the disciplines of a classical and Christian curriculum. We desire that they possess a lifelong hunger to learn and grow and that they have opportunity to be refreshed and renewed. We desire to see them coach and nurture new staff and serve as academic mentors to students. We welcome you to learn more about our faculty as you read the following biographies…

Our Staff

Taylor Allen

Preschool Director

Taylor is currently a Preschool Teacher at Apple Valley Christian Academy and has been a part of their team since January, 2020. She is dedicated in teaching young children about the Lord and is passionate about working in partnership with the child’s parents to promote the growth and development of the child. She is a firm believer that it is a team effort when it comes to the raising up of young children in today’s society.

One goal Taylor has as being a Preschool Teacher is encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills in preschool children. Preschool children need to be able to grasp and maneuver a pencil before they’re ready to go to kindergarten. A second goal Taylor has as being a Preschool Teacher is to always encourage love and respect for all God’s creations. An achievement Taylor has accomplished is receiving multiple Certificates of Achievements in Principles of Early Childhood Education from Victor Valley College. The first being a Level I: Associate Teacher (Preschool) Certificate and the second being a Level II: Teacher (Preschool) Certificate. She maintains a 3.9 GPA at Victor Valley College and will soon be transferring to a university to continue her education with the end goal of becoming an Elementary School Teacher. Taylor values the Christian faith and tries her best to lead by example. She prays daily with the children during Circle Time and will make every effort in redirecting a child when challenging behavior arises, by using Positive Behavior Support & Interventions (PBIS). Taylor values integrating Biblical truth and Christian philosophy of education throughout each weekly curriculum she creates. She also makes every effort in maintaining a clean, attractive, and well-ordered classroom.

In addition to being a Preschool Teacher, Taylor is a mother of two young children, who also attend Apple Valley Christian Academy. She has a close relationship with the Lord and teaches her children what being a Christian is. Her children are being brought up in a Christian environment, as they attend church weekly, pray daily, and forgive one another always. She believes her purpose here on Earth is to bring others to the Lord.

Wanda Wagner

Kindergarten Teacher

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where I met my husband of over 30 years. We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  My love for Early Education started in 1982 working at the YWCA teaching art to small children. In 1983, I realized Christian education was just as important in early childhood. I attended Edward Waters College in Business Administration, and Pasadena City College, Citrus College, Mount SAC for Early Childhood, awarded Outstanding Young Woman in America.

Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” After 36 years of teaching and directing, I have seen the results of Christian education through the lives of many students to whom I’ve had the privilege of teaching God’s Word. It is with great joy and thanks to Apple Valley Christian Academy for allowing me to continue to teach the Word of God to young children.

Erika Royster

First Grade Teacher

I graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music. Prior to attending Biola I attended AVC for 7 years. I was the choral music instructor and choir director for the Middle School and High School Choirs for five years. I have also organized several Elementary Choir Concerts. During the course of my career with AVC I have taught Science, PreAlgebra, and Latin. I chose Apple Valley Christian Academy for my career because it is where I went to school and I enjoy returning to the family that I was a part of as a student. I am now teaching first grade and am happy to have the chance to share my experience with all of the students that have decided to call Apple Valley Christian Academy home.

Aaron Parker

Second Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Aaron Parker. I am a disciple of Christ, devoted husband, father of two boys, and, for the past 25 years, dedicated music instructor. Music has been a passion of mine since my sophomore year of high school. It is that passion that drove me to the Lord. In 1996, though I was a heathen, I was hired by a church to play in the worship band. Not long after, I gave my heart and life to Jesus. In the winter of 2011, the company I worked for (Tom’s Music) went out of business, but when God closes a door, He opens another. In the summer of 2012, I was hired to teach music at another Christian school. I immediately fell in love with teaching in a classroom setting and felt called to be a professional educator. Now, I am honored and humbled to say I am a full time second grade teacher. It is very exciting to continue this next phase of my career.

Janel Rigsby

Mrs. Janel Rigsby

3rd Grade Teacher

Janis Carlile

Fourth Grade

Hello, my name is Cindy Scranton.  I was born and raised in Whittier, California.  I graduated from Mt. San Antonio College with a Degree in General Education.  I got married in 1976 and we have two adult children that both attended AVC.  Our son graduated as Valedictorian from AVC 2006.  Currently, I am the Teacher’s Aide for 5th grade under the supervision of Mrs. Carlile.  I have been blessed to work at AVC for 27 years.

Dani Patag

HS SLT / Secondary Bible Teacher

I began working at AVC the fall of 2000.  Initially, I was hired to assist in the office with Mrs. Singery, and then soon began teaching science and P.E. as well. Currently, I teach secondary Bible, General Science, and High School SLT.  I have served as class advisor as well as co-advisor with Jean Huff of the High School Student Leadership Team team for 10 years.

I attended the University of Kansas “Rock Chalk!” for 3 years, but then completed my Bachelor’s degree at Azusa Pacific University.  I have been married to my husband, Tony, for 33 years. Our three children attended Apple Valley Christian and were very active in sports, missions, and student leadership. They are members of the 2005, 2007, and 2010 graduating classes. I praise God for the time we have had here as a family, and the blessing and privilege of serving here at AVC.

Rocky Lockwood

MS/HS History, Media Teacher

I am teaching MS/HS History and Media at AVC.  I have completed 23 years at AVC and 28 years total in education.  I have a degree in Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, but my passion is History.  I have been blessed to have been able to take AVC students to New York, Philadelphia, our nation’s capitol, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey.  I am married to my wife, Elisa, and we will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary this year.

Cindy Scranton

Fifth Grade

Hello, my name is Cindy Scranton.  I was born and raised in Whittier, California.  I graduated from Mt. San Antonio College with a Degree in General Education.  I got married in 1976 and we have two adult children that both attended AVC.  Our son graduated as Valedictorian from AVC 2006.  Currently, I am the Teacher for 5th grade under the supervision of Mrs. Carlile.  I have been blessed to work at AVC for 27 years.

Daphne Bartz

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Bartz has completed 7 years of service with AVC.  She has served in many roles, including Proctor, Elementary Lead Proctor, and Teacher’s Aide.  She graduated from AVC in 1985 and continues to live in Apple Valley with her husband and their three children.  Their son, Zach, graduated from AVC in May 2019.

Dr Steve Colangelo

High School Bible, Literature

“I am excited to join AVCA as the new High School Bible, Literature, and 7-8 ELA teacher. I began at AVCA as a campus substitute and Middle School softball coach. I bring over 34 years of Bible Teaching/Ministerial experience and I have lived in the High Desert since 2006. I hold Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in Bible, Biblical Studies, and Pastoral Ministries.
I serve as an Adjunct Professor at APU High-Desert and have served as a Bible Professor, University Chaplain and Dean of Student Affairs at Shepherd University of Los Angeles. I have pastored churches in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and California. I love playing my guitar and I am a certified Martial Arts instructor, holding black belts in several disciplines.
I have seen a disturbing trend in our nation where schools send off Christian young people to college, only to find too many of them abandoning the Faith under the pressure of collegiate life. One of my goals is to equip our young people with the skills to be able to articulate and defend a solidly biblical worldview and to be ready to engage a culture that is openly hostile to Christian values. We at AVCA are determined to stem that tide; we will not surrender our young people to the World!
I am honored and excited to be on faculty here at AVCA where Christian values are supported and defended.

Williams Roberts

MS/HS Math/Science Teacher

Beth Grimm Elementary

Library Specialist

Lauren Heffner

Language Arts/Literature

Julie Hendricks

Music Teacher

I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Julie Hendricks and I am from Hesperia. I’ve been married to my husband, Jeff, for 33 years and we have 5 children: Elisa 28, Ethan, 21, Padme’ 18, Hope 15, and Ezra 13. I attend High Desert Church Hesperia and have walked with the Lord for most of my life. I love Jesus and I’m a firm believer in Christian education, as I myself attended Christian school for the entirety of my education. I also love music and am very excited to continue teaching music at AVC.

I have taught several years in schools as well as privately, and I am looking forward to continuing to bring God’s great gift of music to the students. Music is a part of most people lives and touches who we are as individuals. It’s my desire that students understand not just how to play but the theory behind what they are doing. Technique is a vital part of becoming accomplished at whatever instrument they play. I will also take time with students who may struggle, and I want to encourage them to let me know when they are having difficulty. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Carilyn Perisi


Krissy Galarza

Krissy Galarza

Administration Assistant

Sharon Smith

Office Manager

I have been part of the Apple Valley Christian Academy family since 2004.  My youngest son came to AVC in 2004, starting in 7th grade until graduation in 2010.  I hosted a Brazilian student (I refer to her as my host daughter) in 2012 and she graduated from AVC in 2013.

I have lived in California all of my life and I have lived in the High Desert since 1963.  I attended local schools in Apple Valley and Victor Valley Community College.

Prior to coming to AVC I had worked as an Office Manager for a group of marriage and family therapists.  I started working at AVC as a proctor in 2007, and have been working in the front office since 2008.

I enjoy working with my Apple Valley Christian Academy family.  I love that God is the center of the school.  I have always felt that AVC is God’s school and I am proud to work in a position that I can honor God on a daily basis.   “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.